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    Welcome to my web site. Here, you'll find my novels, short stories, family  essays, and help toward your e-book publishing goals.

    I've been writing fiction for fifteen years. All of my fictional stories are drawn from family tales, interwoven with historical events, places, and people that are interesting. All the tales are all set against the magnificent and expansive background of the American frontier as it existed in the 1800s.

During my travels and research, I've come to appreciate the self-determination and courage shown by early settlers as they battled their fears of the unknown. It has also made me realize the plight of Native Americans. They fiercely resisted, yet there came a time for greater compassion. That stain is part of America's heritage.

    Much of my work is available by sending me a message at, this web site, or from fine retailers such as Amazon/Kindle and Barnes and Noble/Nook. E-books and short stories are available at the same retailers as well as (where you can find all my e-books and e-short stories in any format you need), Diesel, and Kobo. My selected family essays are available only from me. Some are formatted as PDF and some are available on CD's. View each selection where it will tell you how to obtain the item and the price.

                               Richard Puz